Welcome to Nordjysk Fodboldgolf​

The course has 2 x 18 holes of varying length and difficulty.

There are a variety of hazards and obstacles located around the course. The idea of football golf is to

complete your round in as few shots as possible.


Pay & Play. Fill out your details on the envelope, put the correct money into the envelope and then put

the envelope in the mail box.

Payment must take place prior to commencing your round.

Credit cards are not an option, please bring cash


  • 0 – 5 years of age Free
  • 6 – 12 years of age DKK 60.00 / 8 Euro
  • 13 - 16 Years af age Dkk. 80.- /11Euro.
  • 17 + years of age DKK 120.00 / 16 Euro

Rules of the game

  • Each player has one ball
  • Each group of players shares one scorecard
  • Place the ball on the tee
  • Draw lots on the first hole to decide who will start
  • Everyone in the group kicks off from the tee
  • The ball is then played from where it lands
  • The player whose ball lands furthest from the hole plays the next shot
  • The flag must be removed when aiming directly at the hole. Please remember to replace the flag
  • once you have completed the hole

The player that completes the round in the fewest shots is the winner.

The rules are just as in golf!!

Once payment has been made, all the facilities at the venue can be used, including the barbecue,

covered terrace or other garden games. You are also welcome to play another round of 18 holes.

Have fun and enjoy your round!

Niels Vendelbo

Nordjysk Fodboldgolf.​